Tales of an Adult Camper: Adventures at Dark Odyssey

My partner and I just got back from Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp.   If you don’t already know about Summer Camp, it is a LBGT poly friendly Kink event held on a camp site with many play spaces, workshops and spiritual events.  How I will even begin to explain the magnitude of the experience is beyond me.  Sara Vibes and I packed the car with nervous energy expecting sex outdoors, workshops galore and a safe space to sexually express in anyway saw fit.  What we got out of camp was way beyond our expectations.  Much like our last visit at Dark Odyssey: Leather Retreat, Summer Camp gave us the space to continue to develop our poly relationship in a way that works for us.  It also allowed us to be as slutty as we wanted within the pre-determined boundaries of our relationship.

We arrived at camp welcomed warmly by friends and our cabin (Faye’s Friends) was the most racially diverse on the site.  I was overwhelmingly excited that there were so many black people at this event.  Finally, Sara and I would not be the only black girls in the dungeon and we got to decompress with our cabin mates when issues of race came up at camp.  It is always my intention to leave politics out of my bedroom but it is impossible to leave race out of the bedroom, so having a close knit community of color to relate at camp redefined my idea of sexual safe space.  Plus our various ideas of how we could freak white people out, for instance, by gathering in play spaces to have secret meetings, kept me laughing every time I entered my cabin.  So the presence of brown bodies was a wonderful addition to our visit.

Saturday was our busiest day at camp.  Sara was a demo for Nina Hartley’s 10am Pussy Whispering workshop.  How my partner was able to wake her pussy up so early is beyond me.  I was designated to support her as she described what Nina’s tongue felt like on her vulva.  I loved assisting, mostly because I felt like Vanna White, applying lube, holding hands and getting the right gloves.  The class was a huge success and it was one of the first workshops I had ever attended where the demo was a bigger bodied person who just happened to be my lovely girlfriend!  Nina Hartley was amazing as expected.  It has been such an honor and pleasure getting to know her the person that she is, not just as a porn star.  I also love watching the intensity of the relationship her and Sara share.  They are very much spiritual sisters and we have learned so much about the industry by knowing her.

After Nina’s workshop, Sara and I had some personal fuckin’ time to prepare to model for the next workshop, Dr. Sketchys.  This workshop encouraged folks to start play scenes while being sketched by other artists.  After attending the Upper Floors “A Thin Line Between Art and Sex,” I pounced on the opportunity to be sketched naked in action with my lady.  Sara and I played privately until we were nice and warmed up, then headed over to Dr. Sketchys.  As we started our scene and folks began sketching, we were joined by another couple we have been dying to play with, which resulted in one of our hottest foursomes we have had as a couple.  We had some beautiful artwork created of us, which I hope to post later in some upcoming blog entries.

Soon after, we were involved in a scene that earned us two awards during the camps closing dinner.  At Leather Retreat, we became well known for the double blow job we gave Princess Kali at a camp gathering.  Folks “Ewwed” and “Ahhed” at our ability to share a lovely strapped on cock and we began to get coined as the “Blow job twins” (even though we clearly as not twins!).  Rumor began to spread around camp of our talents and we were approached by a beautiful  new comer in the popular cabin called Oink.  We successfully gave them a satisfying double blow job on the Oink porch.  Now I have spend time wondering how a bio women can get off by receiving a blow job with their strap-on.  But I am beginning to see how HOT it is to have a strapped women try to get herself fully down my throat.  YUM!  As a result of this hot scenario, we earned an Oink award and a camp ribbon for “Best Double Blow job.”  Our collection of ribbons is growing (we got “Cutest Couple” at Leather Retreat) and the competitive athlete in Sara is filled with joy.

Later that night, I had my first experience with rope.  At one event, I got a hot rope bra that tugged in all the right places.  Then in the dungeon, I was tied up in a harness and partially suspended by my leg.  I was super nervous about being suspended because I am a bigger bodied person.  The nervousness kept me from being fully suspended but I am now willing to try again knowing that I can be suspended, even though I am not a tiny person.  I wore the body harness for the rest of the night and watched Sara get BEAT UP by the lovely Nina Harley.  Her caning marks were amazing and she was in a state of bliss the rest of the night.

Overall, camp was an amazing experience.  It has reignited the fire between Sara and I.  We often get caught up in the business of our lives.  The stress and anxiety at times pushes sex to the furthest recesses of our minds.  But camp reminds us that we have to put work and effort in creating and maintaining our relationship, as well as being clear about what we desire in other partners.  We are communicating on a new level to create a space of fun, sex and play in our everyday lives.  Camp is just a reminder of what we are strongly committed to our relationship.

We are back in New York City, taking care of each other in the wake of dropping and getting back to normal life.  I am still smiling, confident and feeling sexy in the continuous glow of summer camp.  Now I am off to complete my first article for Princess Kali’s Fearless Press, an online magazine about sex and relationships.  Look for my article on Partnership in Poly Relationships!

Thanks for reading.  Until next time!!!


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