Dining with Mickey Mod

The Mickey Mod

If you don’t already know who Mickey Mod is, I strongly suggest you find out!!  Mickey Mod is an up and coming queer porn star, who has appeared in the Crash Pad Series and has been nominated for a 2011 AVN Award.

My partner and I first met Mickey Mod at Madison Young’s “A Thin Line Between Art and Sex” on the third floor of Kink.com.  We ran into him again when we were invited to speak on a panel hosted by our dear friend Reid Mihalko at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco around August of last year.  The panel was on being “Queer, Poly and Under 30”.  I was already instantly impressed with Mickey Mod; I mean, there are not many black males in the queer porn industry and Mickey’s calm demeanor makes him more then just approachable.  He may seem quiet, but has a lot to say about the industry.

When we heard Mickey was in town, we tracked him down for dinner and drinks.  My interest in the pornography industry comes from Vibes desire to be more apart of it then she already is.  And like the faithful, inquisitive partner I am, I am gathering as much information about the industry as I can in order to support my partner when she some day becomes an amazing, brown, queer, curvy porn star.  I took the opportunity during the more sober part of our dinner to pick Mickey’s brain about the porn industry and how Vibes can begin to navigate that big scary world for sex for pay.

We talked about our thoughts on mainstream porn, how over-saturated the business is and started to take a little of the glitter off the glamour of being a “porn star”.  Mickey shared about how flaky the business can be and told us to plan ahead when a scene gets cancelled (and to make sure we have a steep cancellation fee).  He did share with us the differences between mainstream and queer production, highlighting that the Crash Pad Series leaves more room for performers to plan out their scenes and the shoots are professional yet non-invasive (I’ve always admired porn stars for being able to fuck while a camera is practically right up against their genitals!).

Mickey looked just as surprised as we were over his nomination and it was clear that he was prepping himself to be in Vegas with just about everyone in the business.  He also reminded us that making it the porn industry means having the ability to sell oneself and working rooms filled with porn legends and well-known producers.

This was all starting to sound like a lot a work so I turned to my partner just to make sure she was listening.  It’s clear that being in porn is not easy.  I use to get caught up in the idea that is all party and all play.  But after meeting folks in the business, I’ve learned first and foremost, porn is a business and it’s all about how you handle yourself as a business.

I asked Mickey if it was all worth it.  He solemnly nodded his head and said he really does enjoy it and with a background film, he hopes to be on the other side of the camera in the near future.  I for one can’t wait to hear about what his experiences as a nominee (and hopefully winner) at the AVN Awards.  If you have a subscription to Crash Pad Series, I strongly suggest you check out his scenes.  You will not be disappointed.

So cross your fingers and get ready to hear much, much more about Mickey Mod.



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