Introducing Pageant Mom: Sara Vibes for International Ms. Leather

So if you are wondering why is has been such a long time since I’ve updated this site, here are the reasons why:

1) I’ve started a new online writing project called Brown Girl Love, a site that features new and emerging female writers of color once a month.  It also features some of my work from my new chapbook-in-progress and updates of readings that will feature work from Brown Girl Love.  I launched the project at Ruckus: A performance series for queer and trans folks of color held at Bluestockings Bookstore, Fair Trade Cafe and Activist Center.  The launch was a success and I attend to continue reading throughout the city promoting the project.

This month Brown Girl Love features RADHIYAH AYOBAMI a Brooklyn based writer who writes stories about the people that surround her.  Please visit the site at  If you are a woman of color and are interested in being featured on the site, please contact me at

2) My wonderful girlfriend and partner is running for the title of International Ms. Leather (IMSL).  This means that she will be representing leather women and families all over the world.  Her platform is to transform the conversation around sex and people with disabilities.  Sara’s adoptive parents were two wheelchair bound activists.  Her mother was a sex therapist working in the LGBT and disabled community.  She fought for the rights of people who lived on the margins and encouraged them to explore their sexuality by any means necessary.  Sara’s father was a wheel chair basketball champion who played for many years.  Both died very early on in Sara’s life but their legacy has lived on inside her.

As International Ms. Leather, Sara intends to be an active sex educator traveling the US and aboard.  She will represent multiple communities: poly, queer, black, bigger bodied, disabled woman, men, transgender and gender non-conforming people.  Her goal is to emancipation the human spirit through sexual freedom and expression for all these communities.  She may be young but she has stepped into the poly BDSM community with full force and she is out to promote acceptance and love.

Let’s keep in mind that Sara was asked to run, less then 3 months ago so you can only imagine that we have been running around like mad women trying to get this whole thing together.  This is where pageant mom comes in.  Pageant mom is my new alter persona I have created for this competition.  Now you can take the images of Toddlers in Tiara moms out of your head and for those of who have watch Lifetime, don’t think Pageant Mom goes around slashing other competitors evening wear.  No, Pageant Mom is simply a woman on a mission with her partner to create sexuality as a right of passage for every person on the planet.  So Pageant Mom wears a stylish up-do, dresses herself in a classy leather suit and sports her clipboard ready to take notes when needed.  As Pageant Mom, I have been representing and helping Sara create her intention in this contest.  The grunt work behind this project and platform involves a lot of time and focus but this title means the beginning of a great journey for my lovely partner.  And for me, it is another doorway into supporting her through everything she is out to create in the world.  I’ve learned more about being selfless and being able to complete tasks for her which has strengthened our S/M power dynamic.  I also have enjoyed creating with her how she wants to represent herself in the competition and discovering the limitless conversations we want to have as sexual educators and activists.

As the date for the competition steadily approaches (the event will be held in San Francisco April 14th through the 17th), we are eagerly planning costumes, rehearsing her performance piece and compiling items for Sara’s donation basket.  In addition to all this prep work, we are continuing to ask for support in Sara’s run.  Below is a copy of her sponsor letter.  If you know Sara or want to encourage her platform, it is not too late for you to donate items to sponsor her during her run.

I want to send a special thanks out to everyone who has shown there support either by buying an ad, sending in items for donation or simply donating money for plane tickets.  With out you, we would not be doing so successfully at this point in the game.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And folks, keep donating.  With your support, Sara can live out her dream and represent leather women all over the world!

Sara Vibes for IMSL

The East Coast has an entry in the Twenty-Fifth annual International Ms Leather.  Yes, you guessed it!  Sara Vibes is running for International Ms Leather 2011!

Sara Vibes was born and raised in New York City. She is a black, polyamorous, queer, kinky, dandy top heavy princess. Vibes is a musician, writer, sex blogger and educator in training and a star fucker.  She was abandoned in a hospital in the Bronx in the late 80’s weighing under two pounds and addicted to crack.  She was adopted by a white Jewish women with cerebral palsy  from Brooklyn and a black Christian man from Jersey with spina bifida who both passed before she was 9.  Vibes’ mother was a social worker and sex therapist who specialized in sex and disability.  Her book selections encouraged and influenced Vibes exploration into sex and sexuality.

Vibes is an active member in BDSM and LGBT communities in New York City and beyond.

She is a founding member of Nina Hartley’s, a sex-positive online community, and worked as a curator and contributor of SexWise Magazine.  Vibes has been interviewed by Nerve magazine and appeared on Reid Mihalko’s “Queer, Poly, & Under 30″ panel at Dr. Carol Queen’s Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco.  She has taught with her partner Indigo at Playhouse in Baltimore and recently hosted “Sexxy Game Night” at Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire.  She will also be a contributor to Perverts of Color Anthology.

Vibes will be traveling to kink and poly events throughout the year and documenting her experiences on her blog and on her column on Fearless Press, an online magazine on sexuality, relationships, kink and more.  Her mission is to make sex education accessible to everyone.  She currently works at Babeland Toys as a sex educator spreading sexual awareness to residents of NYC. She hopes to rip the veil off of the shame surrounding sex and sexuality through self love and exploration with people that care about each other.


Sara Vibes is making quite a name for herself in LGBTQ and BDSM communities as a sex educator, kink expert and presenter.  At the young age of 22, she has already traveled much of the country visiting, volunteering, presenting and shoozing with leather, poly and kink communities.  She has the ability to navigate her multiple identies as an adopted, black, bi-racial, poly, kinky woman and speaks about these identies in a way that is accessible for eveyone.

Her mission as International Ms. Leather is to promote sexual freedom amongst people with disablities.  “My parents were disabled and my mother worked as a sex therapist fighitng for the rights of multi-racial disabled people.  I intend to live out her legacy by telling her story and speaking for the rights of those who don’t have a voice.”


IMsL Program Advertising

You can show your support for Sara by buying an advertisement in the IMsL program.  The wider the support for Sara on the pages of the program; the stronger her candidacy will appear.  Individuals and groups as well as companies and products can participate maybe  The program is seen by up to X attendees and its exposure is not limited to the IMsL weekend.  The program continues to be seen in homes over the next year.

Advertisements can be as small as a business card or a full page.  By buying an ad, you are supporting not only Sara’s candidacy, but the IMsL contest itself and its function as beacon of Leather Pride and a way to spread awareness of Women’s Leather culture around the planet.

To check out sizes and prices go to Once you have selected a suitable ad size and format (and if you get this far YAY!, thank you.) , the next step is to send an email to Renee at with your request.  It is important that you mention Sara Vibes because that way you receive a 10% discount. Reservations must be made by Monday, March 21st, so please send Renee an email as soon as possible.  The following week IMSL will be in touch with you about artwork and logos.


This is an opportunity for an organization, company or sole practitioner to support Sara’s run for International Ms Leather.   As sponsor, your company will be strongly represented at a five-day event and will appear in various publications [what ones?]. There will be a maximum of four Sponsors, so individual messages won’t get lost and for the right Sponsor, exclusivity is possible.

By supporting Sara, you can bring attention to your company, or a particular product or service, or simply be seen to support the Leather community.   Sara is a proud New Yorker and is looking for strong New York support, but her ties to New England and the wider DC area inspire Sara to be an East Coast candidate, rather than a New York candidate.  Sponsorship is invited from Kennebunkport,ME to Key West.

Personal Contributions

Running for IMsL is not cheap.  Airfare, hotel, food, vast amounts of Marijuana, great outfits, bribes for the judges….all this costs big bucks.

Sara welcomes direct support and she will need it.  Cash, airline points, donations of items of spectacular clothing, all of these will help.  Sara has a registry [] where you can buy select items of clothing to help her look her best!  You will be along for the ride as Sara competes for the title and then, if Allah wills it, executes the duties that come with the title.   To seal the deal, Sara’s sub Ashley will provide sexual favors to the most generous (dig deep, take it from me she’s hot).  Contributions may be cash, check or Paypal, if that is more convenient.

Auction Basket

Among the requirements of the competition is the Auction Basket.   Contestants must put together an auction basket that is a unique representation of the contestant and their home city.  Sara’s intent is to create a basket full of awesome and she could use your help.  She seeks: books, DVDs, small artwork, leather wear, toys, gift certificates and more.  If you would like to donate to the basket, email either or and we will send you a mailing address.

Support Sara’s run for International Ms Leather!  Please contact either or her partner and campaign manager Ashley at



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