Donate! Get me to Lambda Literary Foundation Emerging LGBT Writer’s Retreat!

UPDATE:  I have surpassed my fund-raising goal and raised a total of $835.  Thank you to all of the people who donated.  You are not only supporting me but the LGBT Community at large.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am still raising money for plane tickets to get myself to LA.  If you did not get an opportunity to donate, please donate through my Paypal account at ayoung536 @ gmail dot com.  If you do not have a Paypal account, please contact me at the above email address for a mailing address to send a check or money order.

Dear Family, Friends & Allies,

Ashley here, budding poet and writer!  This summer I have been accepted to the Lambda Literary Foundation’s Emerging LGBT Writers Retreat!!!  I am too excited to attend and I need your help!!!  The foundation has supplied me with a scholarship of $1000 and I am looking to raise the remaining $650.

My goal is to raise $350 by June 15th and the remaining $300 by June 29th.  Any funds that are raised past $650 will be donated to the Lambda Literary Foundation.  Please continue to donate to this awesome organization.

I still need funds for plane tickets.  If I meet my fundraising goal of $650 and you would like to donate to me directly, please donate on my person PayPal account at ayoung536 @ gmail dot com.

I am counting on you to make a donation so that I can attending this amazing retreat this summer!  So donate your $5s, $10’s and $20’s to help me write my queer little heart out  spread the word to those you know can help. You would be supporting my career as a writer and contribute greatly to the LGBT community!

Giving is easy! Simply click on my Fundraising Site address below to visit my personal fundraising page. You can read my story and more about the Lambda Literary Foundation’s Emerging Writers Retreat as well as make a secure donation online (and it’s 100% tax deductible).

Thank you for your support!

With Love,

My Fundraising Site:



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