A Review of Dark Odyssey: Fusion


Sara and I just got back from Dark Odyssey: Fusion and after a day of heavy napping, I’m ready to reflect.  Fusion is a brand new Dark Odyssey event aimed to “Combine Sex, Kink and Spirit together” in the beautiful surroundings of Ramblewood camp grounds.  The week or two leading up the event was stressful, as we were put on the teaching schedule at the last-minute and wondered if we would even be able to squeeze the event in with the rest of our schedule.  But we made it and the event was…interesting, new and different.

I certainly understand the intention of bringing all the various alternative sex communities together at one event: the swingers, kinksters, queers, poly and spirituality folks.  But the intimacy of a tight-knit community and attention to detail was lost in the large number of people.  With a smaller camp, you are guaranteed to run into folks you know at meal time or see them at a camp event.  Fusion had a ton of classes and activities for all but most of the major events happened at the same time so Sara and I always missed something and missed our friends.  And with 700 people on the camp grounds, there was little space on the green, golf cart taxi’s broke down and midnight snack struggled to feed everyone.  Maybe I should get use to big crowds as an IMsL wife, but frankly, there were too many people for me.

Something else about Fusion that was a bit fishy was the amount of unpredicted sex I witnessed by the swingers and new campers.  Very little play happened in the dungeon or the play spaces, meaning that players did not have access to the plethora of safe sex supplies available in those spaces.  Much of the play I saw happened on the green or in the cabins, sex that in my opinion could very easily be had in the bedroom.  On top of witnessing un-safe sex, we kept witnessing a lot of boring sex.  I’m a voyeur: I get turned on watching people fuck and then I want to fuck and be fucked.  It’s quit a beautiful chain reaction! So it sucked (and was actually pretty upsetting) to walk around the empty dungeon Saturday night or see a Bukkake scene with one girl, fifteen guys and no condoms in site.

Underneath it all, Sara and I really missed Dark Odyssey’s Leather Retreat.  Leather Retreat was the first DO event we attended at the beginning of last summer and Sara and I were excited to go year after year.  This event was a smaller retreat geared toward leather folks, so we witnessed the most intense play we’ve ever seen, from needles to beat downs to hot rope work.  Leather Retreat is no longer in existence as it has been replaced by Fusion.  Between play, Sara and I walked Ramblewood remembering Leather Retreat, as we hold the event very close in our kinky little hearts.  More importantly, we missed the intimacy that comes along with a smaller event.

Regardless of our allegiance to Leather Retreat, Sara and I had fun!  Our class “The Revolution will be Kinky: Being Young in the Scene” was a success, with conversations of age acceptance, event etiquette and mouths full of cookies.  Congratulations to Parker/Ropeboi on being awarded the “Dirtiest Pig” at the Dirty Pig Contest featuring the lovely Sara Vibes as a judge. The title holder love is contagious!!  Sara and I had some really intense scenes and went deeper in our play then we have before.  I am finally allowing myself to experience pain and feel safe with my partner, strengthening our new, developing D/s relationship.  As always, the event brought Sara and I closer.  We have been through so much in the last month since winning IMsL.  The travel, the stress and the uncertainty has been driving me crazy but some good impact play and a string of orgasms seems to really calm my nerves!  With a year’s worth of IMsL travel, I’m sure I will be able to find a play space to relieve stress!

Next week, we are off to TesFest in New Jersey helping vend for For Your Nymphomation and celebrating the 4th of July with sex, kink and fireworks.

Until next time, stay safe and kinky!



One thought on “A Review of Dark Odyssey: Fusion

  1. Indigo —

    I couldn’t agree more with your review of the event You summarized my feelings exactly. I missed the sense of cohesive community. I missed the hot play. I missed the energy. I appreciate the hard work that the organizers put in and there were really wonderful moments, but I grieved for LR and the feeling of belonging I found there.


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