Boots and Canada: Leather Posts from 2011

Mr. Ottawa Leather 2012

Ottawa, Canada
November 11-13, 2011

IMsL 2011 Sara Vibes, MsIOL 2011 Sir Kira and MsIOL 2007 Angela Albert before the Leather Women's Panel

In November, Sara and I went to Canada for Mr. Ottawa Leather 2012, our first international trip during Sara’s IMsL title year.  Canada was amazing – clean, scenic and full of welcoming Canadians who really do say ‘Eh’ at all the appropriate moments.  Canada’s leather folks were so friendly and we had the pleasure of being hosted by members of the Ottawa Nights, a leather club established in 1975.
The weekend was filled Meet & Greets, workshops, vending and even a fantastic Leather/Fetish Swap.  Sara was invited to speak at the Women and Leather Panel featuring Mama Sandy Reinhardt, Ms International Olympus Leather Sir Kira and Ms International Olympus Leather 2007 Angela Albert – a panel discussing leather woman visibility in Canada and beyond.  It was an honor to be in a room with such powerful women across multiple generations who came out in the leather community.  A lot has changed over the years in the leather women’s community but we are still collectively fighting for safe leather spaces that promote BDSM, kink and leather history education for women who are new to the community.  The discussion provided a space for the Canadian leather women to begin to plan meet-ups in Ottawa and I was happy to be apart of the dialogue.

Full panel introduced by Mike Tattersall including Mama Reinhardt

One of my favorite workshops at the Ottawa weekend was a Bootblack Intensive lead by Toronto Bootblack 2012 Tarna.  I have loved boots – particularly Doc Martens – since I got my first pair in middle school and being around so many amazing leather boots at contests, bars and munchies has peeked my interest in bootblacking.  I loved Tarna’s workshop.  Her accessible teaching style calmed my fear that I might ruin a boot due to little experience and encouraged me to take my first steps in doing me and Sara’s boots.

Mama's Daughter in Law

After the weekend, I went home and did my boots.  Then I did Sara’s – and I loved it!  I love getting dirty from shoe polish and grease, using my hands and feeling proud of the results.  I love the way doing Sara’s boots develops of my service side and further enhances the D/s dynamic between Sara and I.  I’ve declared myself “boot monogamous” until the end of Sara’s title year and now all I want to do is buy new boots…or acquire a sugar daddy who wants to buy them for me (I’ll take applications if anyone is interested!).

The contest, hosted by Technokink, was excellent!  Congratulations to the new Mr. Ottawa Leather 2012 Isaac Wesley – who is such a sweetheart and will be a great contribution to Canada’s leather community.
Another highlight from the weekend: Sara and I being officially pinned into Mama’s Leather Family.  It was such an honor and a surprise for the two of us to be pinned, Sara as Mama’s Baby Girl and me as Mama’s Daughter in Law. We both look forward to continuing our service in the leather community as members of the family!

The Tenth Annual Boot Black Roundtable

Eagle Bar, NYC
December 4, 2011
With my new found confidence from Tarna’s workshop, I attended the Bootblack Roundtable hosted by International Mr. Bootblack 2011 Jim Deuder at the NYC Eagle Bar.  This was an excellent opportunity to boot black under the experienced supervision of several bootblacks including International Ms Bootblack 2011 Katie Diamond and Henry James, International Community Bootblack 2006.  I learned a lot, took a ton of notes, did some boots and got a new bootblack kit.  Thanks Jim for providing an awesome skill share, packets of bootblacking info and a yummy chocolate cake for the after party.

My first Bootblacking session with Sara - part of a photo series to be featured in Salacious Magazine Issue #3 Leather



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