#BookorBust, Chicago, IML: Daily Leather Narratives

It’s 3am in Chicago and Sara and I are snuggled in at a tiny Holiday Inn Express before tomorrow’s International Mr. Leather 2012 festivities.  We are here not only to support the new International Ms Leather 2012, Synn and International Ms Bootblack 2012, Tarna but to find massive quiet time for me to finish the first draft of my queer erotic memoir.  It may seem as if a gay leather man’s event would be a tricky place to write a book but after navigating bars, hotels, play parties, a leather retreats with my busy-body Lady Sara Vibes, I feel confident I can find time to write.

My book is all about coming out – queer, poly, kinky and partnered – but I realized on our 13 hour drive out to the mid-west that I have not been incorporating leather culture as much as I’d like too.  This is not only because leather is super hot but because leather has become a large part of my life for the past two years and has become a part of my identity as a titleholder’s girl.  I was inspired reading the blog of admired writer Sassafras Lowery, author of upcoming book Roving Pack, whose most recent post “figuring out the best use of my time” touched on the importance of incorporating leather into the book.  As I edit and complete various parts of my book, I find the leather and kink narratives juicy and full of wonderment.  Leather has helped me navigate queer poly life and like Sassafras, I think it’s important to strategically place these narratives into my book.

To help me pound out the rest of this draft in the next four days, I’ll be attempting to write short daily quick leather narratives to spark some frenzied writing.  I’ll be posting them here so check them out for the next few days!  Here’s the first one:

5/25 – 2:30 AM

I walk through Jackhammer, a men’s bar on Chicago’s Northside filled with gay boys and leather men and think to myself this is the staple of my leather life – cupping the hand of my titleholder wife while she leads me across sticky crowded bar room floors to meet the nearest group of leather women.  These women, dressed in decades worth of leather gear will smoke cigars with femmes, collect beer bottles over uncontrollable laughter and commit lude acts on camera for fun and entertainment.

I earned my vest at the leather shop next door after six months of service to my Lady IMsL. The leather life makes me smile.

On my precarious walk to the bar deck, I get something stuck to my boot and can only predict its a sticky condom or a lost pin off a leather man’s decorated vest. Even though I am pushing up against the hairy, sweaty arms, of giant leather Bears I feel a sense of comfort wrapped in the bodies of these men.

We enter the leather shop to escape the unbearable heat and peeking out beneath my boot tip is the tiny phallic shaped object. I discover it is in fact a silver dick earring with angel wings.

“Babe” I say, as she turns to find the earring balanced in the palm of my hand.

“OMG” she says, her hands gay flailing in excitement. “This most be good luck!”

Later, we talk about the image of a dick with wings appearing in my upcoming queer erotic memoir, working title The Girl with the Unicorn Earrings.  I imagine it will outline the page numbers with a successful level of appropriateness.

Now, I must sleep to get up early for First Shine and write until tomorrow evenings events!  Stay tuned for updates here and on twitter @indig09 (zero-nine)!



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