Leather Narratives: Day 2

5/26 – 11 AM

Writing a book at a gay leather men’s event is harder than I thought.

The top 5 distractions:

1. Family– Reuniting with all the proud handsome leather men we’ve met throughout Sara’s title year, the Onyx men being my personal favorite. (I can’t wait until the People of Color Caucus today.) Not only do they serve the community but they function as family for us so it’s a family reunion for us.

2. Leather women– The increased amount of leather women and female couples here this year. Sara and I might have counted five outside of the handful of leather women we came with last year.

3. Contestants– The young hot class of men this year who will strut their stuff on stage at Pec and Personality this evening.

4. Boots– they are always a distraction for me but the men in knee-high boots are sending me over the edge this weekend.

5. Leather– duh.

That said, I fear I won’t be able to write as much as planned in the next two days but instead of worrying or complaining about time, I’m just going to get to it…right after I get the back of my head shaved at the Leather Mart downstairs. 🙂


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