Leather Narratives: Day 3 & 4


The contest was so amazing and utterly exhausting, this was all I could muster:The best part of a leather event is escaping back to the hotel room and passing out next to Sara Vibes.



Last week at work, I was sitting at my desk resisting the urge to read an article in Entertainment Weekly about the wildly popular “50 Shades of Grey”.  I usually try to avoid the mainstream hype of edgy fiction and have already decided against reading the book all together, mostly because my time is so limited.  But as I finish the first draft of my erotic novel, I’m starting to think it’s a good idea for me to investigate popular erotic fiction before I release a book into the world.

When I finally sat down to read the article, I discovered the book was an adult fan fic trilogy of Twilight and that author E.L. James doesn’t actually claim to have an prior experience with BDSM either in theory or practice.  Now I respect an author who has the guts to write and publish (hell, James already has a movie deal with Focus, producers of Brokeback Mountain) and though fan fic is not my favorite, people should have the right to write it.  As a member of the BDSM lifestyle and as a writer, I have less pleasant things to say.

My thoughts can best be summed up by the hilarious dramatic reading of 50 Shades at last nights IML contest.  Sharon McNight and surprise guest, Bruce Valanch read a brilliant excerpt from the book. I say brilliant only because they managed to make a poorly written scene that refers to the vulva/vagina as “down there” an entertaining read.

Down there? Down where? If your gonna write smut, you should name the cunt something, if not only for clarity for a women’s sake.  Haven’t we already dealt with everyone fearing and shaming the vagina long enough? I for one think so and I learned such virtues from writers and book agents like Laura Antinou, Lori Perkins, Debra Hyde and many more. These women also taught me that if you’re gonna write a book about a marginalized subculture like BDSM culture, it better be a damn good one.

It’s sad I can’t say this about 50 Shades and it’s only more encouragement to write quality erotic literature for my kinky queer community and for newcomers ready to explore.



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