Career Changes, Fetfest and a Summer Cross Country Adventure!


Write or Die

Last week, I left my full time position as a Program Coordinator at a non-profit to write full time and finish my memoir.

That sentence is still a little unreal to me.  After 7 months of working well over 40 hours a week, coming home to a messy house and a lonely wife, and having very little time for my personal projects, let alone a personal life, I’m exhausted, scared and excited to have my time to myself again.  I am even more excited to finish my book and devote more time and effort to long term literary projects.

For the last few years, I’ve gone from leaving a Masters program, to working in highly academic, art spaces to exploring the  non-profit world and all the while I have been dying to have time to collect my thoughts, produce great books and build a writing career.  Now, I am finally slowing down to give myself the opportunity to write and though I am scared, broke and nervous, I’m also calm, driven, happy and ready to create a lucrative writing career.

Maybe its crazy.  Maybe the whole freelance writing thing will be a total bust.  But I rather fight for happiness then fake my way through a non-profit and with the love and support of my Lady and the queer writing community, I’m ready for the challenge.

I’ll be posting the progress of my erotic novel here on this blog so stay tuned!

FETFEST 2012: Become a Scout at Queer Leather Village!

Queer Leather Village

“On my Honor, I will try..”

…to be the queerest, kinky-est, leather scout I can be! Join me, girl Ashley, and Sara Vibes, International Ms Leather 2011 as we host Fetfest’s Queer Leather Village for an assortment of Queer Scout events and a wild weekend of good old fashion sexy fun! Our village will be hosting several events, such as a Field Day and Kinky Relay Race filled with sexy athletic feats, a Fisting Party, Queer Smackdown! Wrestling, a Queer Scouts Sampler, an exploratorium of kinky activities with chances to win scout merit badges, the Glory Hole Men’s Social (for all self-identified men) and much much more. Queer Leather Village is also a great place to spend time with other queers and leather folks: attend the Queer Leather Village Potluck Supper Friday night to meet new people or stop by to arrange a play date with your favorite leather queer.

Fetfest is an international festival for the fetish community and will be held over Labor Day Weekend from Friday, August 31 to Monday September 3 in Aberdeen, MD. This event brings together a wide range of sex positive, kinksters across cultures and identities for a weekend of sex, education and fun. Camp wide events include naked pool parties, live music, BBQ’s, and village hosted activities.

To register for Fetfest, visit Registration for the weekend is $209 until July 31st.

If you’d like to be in the Queer Leather Village, register with promotional code Queer and get a $10 discount! If you have already registered but would like to request a cabin in Queer Leather Village, please email to request a bed.

That weekend price too steep for you? Then come join us for a day by purchasing a 24hr day pass (Friday $49, Sat and Sun $99).

Also if you are a member of Fetlife, join the Fetlife Queer Leather conversation thread to keep updated on QLV events here:

So don’t miss out on the fun, register now!


A kiss with my Ladylove amongst Redwood trees

So remember that time where Sara, Scout, Sean Bug, Katie Diamond and I piled in a Bootblack van and drove along the coast from Portland Oregon to San Francisco for Sara Vibes step down at International Ms Leather?

Well we doing that all over again except this time, we are driving from San Francisco back to New York City – an epic cross country trip.  I’m sure the miles that Sara and I drove during IMsL will be the equivalent of the mileage for our trip but I have never driven across country before, so I am very very excited.  Sara and I will be flying out to San Franciso for International Leather Sir/boy and International Community Bootblack as well as Dore Alley and driving with Scout and friends for a total of 8 days.

It will be like IMsL travel all over again!  After a year of the leather run around, you think we’d be exhausted!

Stay tuned for more travel updates!



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