99 Problems But My Fat Ain’t One: A Review of Hot & Heavy

50 Days of Fat Ferociousness – A Countdown to Hot&Heavy’s release

It is such an honor and a joy to be apart of the radically fat-positive anthology, Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion.  As an aspiring author, seeing my work in print on the center pages of such a beautiful book is an amazing feeling. When I first submitted my story, Women With Big Bellies, I don’t think I was fully aware of the power I have as an out-spoken, unashamed fat woman. It wasn’t until I strolled through the pages of the book and read one inspiring story after another, that I was able to proudly embrace the word “fat”.

I’ve always had a fat body and as a result, I have always gotten mixed signals from the outside world about my body. Everyone has something to say to the fat girl about how to acquire a “better, thinner” body. I have the kind of mom who insists I loss weight, yet sends me a box of Godiva chocolates for Halloween (which I promptly ate in one sitting!). I’ve got commercials shouting out fat loss solutions right after a Pizza Hut ad romanticizes stuff crust and cheesy bread. I even had a guy ask me once if I felt bad about my fat or if I needed any help in losing weight.

I politely told him no. I asked him if it ever occurred to him that I didn’t want to loss weight, that maybe I even liked my fat body to the point of maybe even loving it.

Really excited for my copy!!

People are shocked to meet a fat chick happy with her body but Hot & Heavy introduces the world to 32 fat woman who are unafraid to talk about the trials and triumphs of their plus size bodies. The voices of these fierce, fatties unite in this anthology to dismiss the myth that there is something fundamentally wrong with the fat body. Stories that peeked my interest included Amithyst Fist and Genne Murphy’s Fat Histories, Fat Futures, a collaborative piece first presented at the NOLOSE conference (the National Organization for Lesbians of Size), editor Virgie Tovar’s chapter on her intimate relationship with pecan pie and a personal slutty favorite, Rachel Kacenjar’s 2Fat2Fuck.

These essays are a testament to the unique, unstoppable, fat girl confidence that we all possess and strengthens my mantra:

Just because someone feels bad about my fat doesn’t mean I have to.

Contributor Marcy Cruz couldn’t have said it better in her Hot & Heavy chapter No Really, It Isn’t Me. It’s You. After many years of feeling bad about her body, Cruz came to the conclusion that she wasn’t the one that had a problem with her fat.

“I realize now that during all those times that I felt like the odd one out, I was probably the most normal person there because of my acceptance for who I was. It makes others uncomfortable to see me comfortable in my own skin. Once I accepted that it wasn’t me who was the problem but other people, my view of the world changed instantly.”

I don’t know when I got the point where I realized my fat was everybody else’s problem, but thank Goddess I did! Now instead of searching desperately for some cure-all diet, I’ve found a fierce group of fat woman who aim to start a body revolution with their stories and their words. Hot & Heavy has not only taught me about the fat-positive revolution, but it has reminded me that my body is my own and whether I choose to stuff it with cookies or carrots is my choice.

Today, I choose to stuff my face with cookies and am proud to announce I will be emceeing at a Hot and Heavy Reading Launch in NYC.

Come out and support! I’m the Emcee!

Come out and hear the voices of the fat-positive revolution!  NYC’s Bluestockings Bookstore and Cafe will be hosting a Hot & Heavy reading on November 14th at 7pm.  In addition to emceeing, I will be reading my chapter Woman with Big Bellies and would love to see the community support these amazing stories.

The reading will feature myself, Golda Poretsky, Marcy Cruz, Jennifer Zarichnyj & a guest reading by Substantia Jones.

So come out, buy a book, get it signed and support us hard-loving fatties!

Next stop on the Hot & Heavy blog tour: Affatshionista at http://affatshionista.com.  Check out her review tomorrow and for more details on the blog tour visit Virgie Tovar’s site at http://www.virgietovar.com/hot–heavy-blog-tour.html.


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