Fat Girls Read: A Hot and Heavy Reading at Bluestockings NYC

Myself, Substansia Jones, and Golda Poretsky.*

Emceeing the Hot and Heavy reading at Bluestockings last week was a blast!  It was amazing to hear some of my favorite pieces read live by the woman who wrote them and to talk publicly about the experience of being a fat woman in a society that values the thinnest of the skinny.

Reading “Women With Big Bellies”

Talking about fat bodies can be awkward, mostly because we are taught it’s supposed to be.  It was empowering to sit in front of an anxious, quiet crowd and speak openly about the messy, complicated feelings we have about our plus size frames and body image in general.  It was a delight to see lovely, big beauties in the audience showing support.  Even a petite girl selling books behind the corner praised us for our confidence.  She acknowledged her thin privilege while recognizing that many woman confront body issues, no matter what their size.  It’s lovely to know that book is reaching people of all sizes and bringing to light the fact that it’s about time we think differently about our bodies.

I am still astonished to be published in this amazing anthology.  This is the first time my writing has ever appeared in a book and I am so glad it is a story of struggle and self-love.  All the stories in the book struck a chord with me in one way or another and I hear that’s the case for other readers.  Editor, Virgie Tovar, has gathered together a pack of extraordinary plus size woman and this book is taking the world by storm, one story at a time.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support, to Bluestockings for hosting, and to everyone who is reading Hot and Heavy. Keep the big girl revolution alive!

Me and my Lady, Sara Vibes

*All photos courtesy of Taino Photography

Join the revolution!  Click on this link and order the book here on Amazon:  Hot and Heavy – Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion.



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