Debut Novel Book Reviews

Sneak peek at my books and desk sanctuary

Sneak peek at my books and desk sanctuary

A few months ago, I was experiencing some serious writer’s block with my first draft when I started forging for books to inspire my writing. Sara noticed my frustration and put me on assignment to find books that explore the same topics as Girl with the Unicorn Earrings.

She even gave me a chance to earn extra credit if I found books that described mine. This was an even harder assignment. I am yet to find a book about a black female married polyamorous couple. This of course was the point of her assignment: to discover that I am covering a rare topic in my book and need to continue writing and editing toward publication.

Ever since Sara’s assignment, I have been devouring books – both new and older publications – but specifically debut fiction by the authors I love and admire. I will be posting a book review once or twice a week for the month of January to highlight books I loved, books I didn’t like that made me think and books that make want to keep writing.

My first book review will be Cheryl B’s “My Awesome Place.”

What better way to start off the new year with books? Happy New Years!



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