Crash Pad Series Review: Nina Hartley and Sara Vibes


Sara and Nina “working”


Two stars shine in this new CrashPad clip – Episode 172 starring Nina Hartley and Sara Vibes play Boss and Assistant of Raven Clawz Studio in a steamy after work session. These two beautiful woman are my personal favorites and seeing them in action makes more then just my writer brain tingle. Hartley’s been a boss since the 80’s, bringing us hot instructional porn we’ve all gotten off to and Vibes, up and coming star brings her cute mischievous smile ready and willing to every scene.
This episode Hartley relies on her adoring assistant for her busy schedule but makes sure to pencil Vibes in to show her appreciation for all her hard work. Bunny slipper clad Hartley disrobes to a nude bodysuit and undresses Vibes. What happens next is for those willing to get hot and bothered!
Three things I like about this scene: Colors, Chemistry and Content. The color red is used to highlight not only clothing but Hartley’s strapon. Red contrasts even more beautifully with both Hartley and Vibes skin shades that dance bright on the screen. Both have amazing chemistry, from their playful whispered dirty talk to deep moaning, Hartley and Vibes perform like they play in front of more then just the camera. The content was excellent, many shots artfully captured through the slated headboard and, in Crash Pad tradition, the camera becomes the eyes of the hungry voyeur.


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