Tales from a Teaching Witch: Black Unicorn Tarot Workshops

sex magic 101

Sex Magic 101 Workshop at Catland Books

In the past few months, life as a tarot reader, community witch and magic teacher has been so amazing to me. I’ve had the opportunity to read countless tarot spreads through my business Black Unicorn Tarot, in shop at Catland Books in Brooklyn, NY and at several events including retreats, festivals, conferences and restaurants. There is no way to describe what is it like to sit across from a client whose ears are tuned to listening to what the universe has been calling forth from them. It is an honor to step into my gift to communicate that message so people can move forward with their lives and do their work.

One of my favorite additions to reading tarot through the business is unveiling a new line of workshops on sex, magic and self love. Last week, I thought a Sex Magic 101 workshop at Catland Books where I demonstrated to a standing room only audience that sex is a sacred act that can incorporate magic for a greater understanding of our bodies and each other. I believe sex can be used as a healing tool but it is so often used as a tool for destruction that we forget how the act of sharing ourselves can enlighten us.

Here are just a few of the things I touch on in this workshop:

  • Building a sex ritual alter with divination tools (such as candles, herbs and stones)
  • Mindful masterbation
  • Creating spells and intentions before sex
  • Using magic to create safe space for a body that has experienced sexual trauma
  • Sustaining on going aftercare following sex sessions through spiritual means 

This upcoming year I am hoping to add two new workshops: Queer Magic 101 and Kink & Spirituality. I am also looking forward to designing workshops to the specific needs of my clients and my community so please do not hesitate to reach out to me if there is a workshop that you would like to see from me in the future.

If you are interested in bringing a Black Unicorn Tarot workshop to your event, shop or to an intimate group/party, please email me at ayoung536@gmail.com. 


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