Dear Unicorns – An Invitation to Howl


Our Lady Scorpio Moon

Greetings fellow unicorns,

This month I have learned the joys, challenges and triumphs of embracing the full Scorpio moon. Last weekend I had the pleasure of reading cards at Meta Balance’s (@metabalance) Meta Transformation QTPOC Consciousness Full Moon Howl event. This evening celebrated the full Scorpio moon in all her power and glory with the climax of the evening being a guided sound meditation. During the ceremony, I felt a surge of life running through me, a realized consciousness of all the changes and challenges I am facing. I was held and supported by the sound of singing bowls and brought back to my mighty center by the reiki practitioners that circled the room, feeding participants with the energy they needed. After, I received a handcrafted tea by Odane Liu (@odane.liu), a practitioner that lead the healing tea ceremony, who with caring energy blended the herbs I need to overcome the emotions that I am currently challenged with. The evening was a blessed acknowledgement of the strength and beauty of QTPOC and offered sustainable support to us all.

The next evening, I was invited on a Brooklyn rooftop for more moon ceremony guided by practitioner, Zion Spencer (@thewhoreacle). Along with a few fellow POC witches, Zion lead us in the spiritual process of acknowledging where we have come from, where we are going and what we are powerfully conjuring into our future. We feasted on watermelon, received tarot readings under Zion’s guidance and allowed the moon to fill us with the consciousness of our emotions. After the ceremony, we discussed what we would go home and do to center ourselves. I decided that it was time to complete a love ritual with my newly purchased Rose Quartz dildo, The Original Heart created by Chakrubs (@chakrubs). I went home, lit every candle at my six bedroom alters, put on Janelle Monae’s new album “Dirty Computer” and made love to myself.

I howled.


Full Moon Alter – white flowers, art created at Black Arts Retreat, rose quartz dildo and ruby/kyanite wand 

I let out all of my pain, sadness, joy, discomfort, confusion and satisfaction as I inserted the rose quartz into the passion of my opening. I felt what I am coming to discover is self love – this baffling, well deserved place that expands in my heart, challenges my mind and answers the call of what I need in every moment. I brought the evenings ceremony in bed with me, honoring where I have been, where I am now and where I am going. And I slept like a baby, ready for whatever the universe has in store for me next.

Since these rituals, I have been listening intently to myself while trusting the process of life and the universe in every moment. I have been treating myself, with chocolate, with city adventures, with full days surrounded by the people I love and trust, with trips to the ocean in honor of Yemaya, with good sleep aided by lavender and herbs. And I have let myself be sad and angry just as I have allowed myself to be joyful and free.

Unicorns, I invite you to love yourself in ways that are painful, true and freeing. I invite you to find the people in your life who you love and trust, ask them for what you need, allow them to fill you and keep them close. I invite you to let yourself be lead with your heart even if it makes absolutely no logical sense and challenge yourself to indulge in the things that you love. I invite you to begin believing that there is apart of you that believes you deserve it. I invite you to acknowledge the full moon howling within yourself.

With queer love, life and revival,

A Black Unicorn


Pic of me before going to the ocean with offerings to Yemaya


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