The Liberation of The Black Unicorn – a novel in progess

Inspired by Lorde's 'The Black Unicorn'

A Journey in How to Get Freed


The Liberation of The Black Unicorn is an Audre Lorde inspired biomythography about a Black Queer Woman’s journey through mental illness, addiction, breakdown and recovery.

The creation of my first novel has evolved into many different narratives since 2011. It was always a work that aimed to define what liberation looks, feels and acts like but it wasn’t until I recently discovered that I had to do my own healing work in order to fully mark what the process of liberation looks like for me.

It started with narratives of liberating my sexuality through kink and poly, topics that I’m sure I will explore one day in another collection. When the first draft was completed, I worked with an editor who guided me to strengthen the narrative. Then he stepped back. He saw in himself during the course of editing my novel that he had to start his own healing work.

Then something I didn’t expect happened. I began to question what healing work I needed to do for myself to produce a novel that shifts my readers perceptions of what it means to live as a Queer Black woman. What was I unable to see about the ways in which sickness had manifested itself in my life, my mind and my spirit?

Then I had a mental breakdown. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I was re-hospitalized to treat my previously diagnosed PTSD. I learned that I had to address my addiction to drugs and alcohol in order to stay clear headed and medicated so I could live life fully. I had the begin healing so I could become the best writer I can be.

This was what the book was about. I just couldn’t see it until I stepped over to the other side of my own reality and began to deal with it head on. While healing, I took a two year break from writing (which I needed but was a huge indication to me that I really was sick) and now that I am mastering the art of self care on a daily basis, I am back to writing The Liberation of the Black Unicorn with the goal of finishing the second draft by the end of this year. Trauma writing can be a painful experience but it is also one that is starting to bring me a since of closure and peace.

I am seeing what it means to be liberated and I am cannot wait to share that journey with all of you.

(Updated 4.29.17)

2 thoughts on “The Liberation of The Black Unicorn – a novel in progess

  1. Ok. Cuz. That story was top-notch. (Don’t know if I wanna know you that well, lol!) But somewhere along the line the writing was so good that I forgot it was you!


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