Beginnings, Endings and In Between


On a trip with two fellow witches to Big Indian, NY

Change is both beautiful and remarkably horrifying but when you dive into a new way of being with a willingness to leave behind a way that has stopped working, you’re free to create what’s next.

Last year, I became a women I did not recognize and this year, I know the women I am becoming and for the first time in my life, I am willing to love her.

June 15th, 2016, the week after my 28th birthday, I decided to get sober. It was the hardest, scariest thing I have ever done in my life but I realized in order to feel living, I had to stop attempting to erase myself with drugs and alcohol.

The results have been truly miraculous.

I found a spiritual practice. I am embracing my new journey as a Santera (a woman who practices Santeria) and am learning to develop a relationship with my ancestors. I am delighted to share ceremony with my ile (spiritual house) and be guided by my Madrina (godmother) in discovering my abilities as a Spirituous (one who talks to spirits/the dead) and a Medium. I am understanding myself as a spiritual being and that feeling is beyond words.

I have my family back. When I was using, I was so caught up in my own trauma that I held every memory against the people who helped raise me. Now I can acknowledge that yes, my trauma effects my everyday life but it does not have to dictate how I love others. My mother and I have a healthier relationships as adults sharing our struggles and creating boundaries with love. My dad and I are mending our once strained relationship. I can honor my family in a way that keeps me safe enough to feel how much they love me.

I manage my mental illness. I fully accept being a bipolar woman. I accept that if I do not take my medication, I will return back to the a psychiatric institution or worse. So I medicate myself everyday. I track my moods, have a relationship with my medical team and realize that my mental stability comes before everyone and everything. I don’t hate the disease, I accept that this is the life I have been given and I advocate for the mentally ill that stand beside.

I am finishing my first novel and a collection of poems. Since getting sober, my work has greatly improved and I am able to write again without fear. I can properly communicate the purpose of my long term writing projects. My first novel in progress, The Liberation of the Black Unicorn, is about a Queer Black women’s journey through mental illness, addiction, breakdown and recovery. My forthcoming poetry collection, Chronicles of Bipolar Living, is a collection of poems and prose about illness, love and healing. I am so excited for the day I’ll be able to share these works with my readers as they push through their own breakdowns and breakthroughs.

I’ve learned to have healthy relationships. It has been the hardest thing to put my own sense of well being and self preservation before my friends and romantic relationships. It doesn’t feel natural. But in order for me to maintain healthy connections, I have to let people go, create boundaries with love and speak my mind. I have to let go of old patterns that allowed others to hurt me (and in turn hurt them) and create a way to stay safe in my relationships.

I am learning who I am and who I am not. I can be a highly unstable chick. I live in a pattern of emotional extremes. I am working on using my voice. I am learning that I am beautiful and fierce. I am not an average girl. I am not willing to kill myself slowly any longer. I am not willing to go on hurting others. I am ready for healing. I am willing to love myself. I am willing to feel and define what true liberation feels like.

What lies at the other side of change is overwhelming but I am so blessed to be able to step out a self destructive life I created.

I am becoming the woman I know I was meant to be and I feel a little closer to happiness.



Movie star freedom in Woodstock, NY


Ashley Young’s Summer NYC Reading Tour


Photo by Robert Rosario

This summer I’ll be reading at five Queer events in the city, featuring sobriety stories, my contribution to the Glitter and Grit anthology, new work from a collection of poetry and prose Chronicles of Bipolar Living and excerpts from my novel The Liberation of the Black Unicorn. Come out to hear some of my new work and the work of fellow talented queers.


Queer Memoir: Under the Influence

     (part of the Eulogy for a Dyke Bar series)

Saturday May 21 at 5pm

Friends and Lovers

641 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238


Glitter and Grit Hits the Road!

    Heels on Wheels #Glittery Awareness Book Tour

Thursday May 26, Doors @ 7,  show starts at 7:30 – 10:30pm
Branded Saloon

603 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238


To Be Queer, Black and Gifted

Wednesday June 1 at 7-8pm

LGBT Center – Manhattan

Bureau of General Services Queer Division

208 West 13th Street Room 210, New York, NY 10011


Queer Text Reading Series: Rainbows Across the Diaspora

Tuesday June 14 at 7pm

Dixon Place

161 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002


Queer Art Organics

Tuesday July 19 at 7:30-8:30pm

Dixon Place

161 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002


Following Ashley’s tour, she will be returning to Lambda Literary Foundation’s Writers Retreat for LGBT Writers at the University of Southern California to work with author and playwright Sarah Schulman.

Help Ashley get to the Lambda Literary Foundation Retreat by donating:

Black Unicorn Rise – Works in Progress Solo Show

Unicorn Writing

Bluestockings Bookstore, Cafe and Activist Center

172 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002

Saturday, May 14 7-9PM

Audre Lorde wrote “The Black Unicorn” in recognition of those who live invisibly and fight for liberation. Queer Black feminist author and teacher Ashley Young writes to participate in this fight. In an evening of works in progress of poetry and prose, Ashley will present work that highlights survival and liberation from mental illness, addiction and the struggles of being a Queer Black woman. Come witness and participate in a writer’s fight to get liberated.

Ashley will be sharing from two works in progress: Chronicles of Bipolar Living, a collection of poetry and prose on Illness, Woman, Men and Recovery and The Liberation of the Black Unicorn, her Audre Lorde inspired biomythography. She is will also be announcing her upcoming summer reading tour and details on her return to Lambda Literary Foundation’s Writers Retreat for LGBT Writers.

 Help Ashley get to the Lambda Literary Foundation Retreat by donating funds at

Review of Xan West’s Show Yourself to Me: Missing Daddy

GDP022-ShowYourselftoMeCover (1)

I had the pleasure of being asked to review Xan West’s new book of erotica Show Yourself to Me (Go Deeper Press, 2015).  It’s been quit some time since I’ve blogged, but I’m excited to re-launch this space with a review of Xan’s work.  I’ve seen Xan perform and read Xan’s work in various erotica collections. Xan’s words are beautiful, poignant, true and titillating.  Xan’s ability to express various gender and sexual expressions of  the queer experience are words that both queer and sexual alternative communities must read to truly feel.  Xan speaks to our passions and our struggles and tells stories that not only stimulate our brains, but wet our pants.

‘Missing Daddy’ was a story I was immediately drawn to.  I’ve been struggling with concepts of manhood.  As a woman who is starting to experience herself as both male and female, I’m only beginning to understand the way masculinity plays a role in our society, how it effects my female body and woman representation and how one can mold masculinity to be an expression of themselves regardless of their gender.  Inside of this space, I am starting to have the urge to explore what it means to be a Daddy, in kink, in leather, and in life.  To nurture a person to become their greater self through both pain and pleasure, mind, body and spirit.

What better way to investigate this work by starting with Xan’s. ‘Missing Daddy’ is a story of a Daddy reflecting on a time when he was a boi, when he was raised in leather and queer-hood by a Daddy who initiated him into a life of submission and Dominance he would one day bestow on another.  He illustrates their precious sexual experiences, painful, loving and dirty; being bend over Daddy’s bathroom sink, taking Daddy’s cane not for his own pleasure but for his Daddy’s, being fucked by a gaggle of faggots while his Daddy watched, the feeling of Daddy allowing his boy to belong in a queer world longed for.

I especially appreciated in the inclusion of dykes in this story, the once boy being offered to a variety of people, not just those who identified as men.  In my queer, leather community, my Lady, who I also sometimes refer to as my LadyDaddy, shares me with those of all genders and embodies both male and female presence with ease and grace.  We are dykes, but there is a certain energy she gives me when she assumes Daddy, rough, quick, silent but gentle.  In those moments, I like to consider myself her boi and learn from her to one day can become a Daddy to another.

Xan captures this so clearly in this story and reminds me that with permission, I can become a boi and maybe one day, a Daddy.

Check out Xan’s book blog:

Pre-order Xan’s book here:

Crash Pad Series Review: Nina Hartley and Sara Vibes


Sara and Nina “working”


Two stars shine in this new CrashPad clip – Episode 172 starring Nina Hartley and Sara Vibes play Boss and Assistant of Raven Clawz Studio in a steamy after work session. These two beautiful woman are my personal favorites and seeing them in action makes more then just my writer brain tingle. Hartley’s been a boss since the 80’s, bringing us hot instructional porn we’ve all gotten off to and Vibes, up and coming star brings her cute mischievous smile ready and willing to every scene.
This episode Hartley relies on her adoring assistant for her busy schedule but makes sure to pencil Vibes in to show her appreciation for all her hard work. Bunny slipper clad Hartley disrobes to a nude bodysuit and undresses Vibes. What happens next is for those willing to get hot and bothered!
Three things I like about this scene: Colors, Chemistry and Content. The color red is used to highlight not only clothing but Hartley’s strapon. Red contrasts even more beautifully with both Hartley and Vibes skin shades that dance bright on the screen. Both have amazing chemistry, from their playful whispered dirty talk to deep moaning, Hartley and Vibes perform like they play in front of more then just the camera. The content was excellent, many shots artfully captured through the slated headboard and, in Crash Pad tradition, the camera becomes the eyes of the hungry voyeur.