Fire and Nice: How Unikitty is Teaching Me Rights to Rage

unikitty photo 1

Unikitty confronting her anger as scared but sure as I want to be

Anyone who knows me is aware of how important it is for me to honor my little-girl-self. This daily act comes as a result of a difficult childhood where the feelings and actions adults often took precedent over my own. In turn, I felt my feelings very quietly – in late night writings in my journal, in the world of books where I could fall into someone else’s story, in art where I learned that artists could make art with their pain and in TV where I could turn up visual distraction to turn down my brain.

And if you know me really well, you know I am obsessed with cats – mainly Hello Kitty – and unicorns – hence my identity as a Black Unicorn.

So when I discovered that Lego character Unikitty had her own show, I was all over it.

She reminds me a lot of myself. It’s not simply about her being as adorable as everyone tells me I am as they view me through my history as a sweet, smart leather girl (an identity I am still having trouble shedding as a newly identified genderqueer femme presenting woman, an identity I am ofcourse still working to understand as I feel more and more aligned with trans identity everyday – a questioning gender discourse that warrants another post). Unikitty feels her feelings as strongly as I do while having the responsibility of running her kingdom along with an action team of her brother Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile and Richard.

unikitty photo 5

Unikitty’s team: Richard, Hawkodile, Dr. Fox and her brother, Puppycorn

The difference between me and Unikitty is that she is very much willing to feel her feelings out loud. Her emotions, confusion and love are expressed by her cheeks and in Sparkle Matter, shapes that literally fly from her crown when she has a feeling (okay, we are actually similar in that way). But Unikitty’s anger changes her sweet, pink, loving body into a hot, red kitty that throws fire and destroys everything in her path with her rage.

So here’s the episode that really hit me like a ton of feelings bricks: Episode 6 – Fire and Nice.

On Problem-Fixy Day, Unikitty invites all the Lego folks in the kingdom to bring there problems to her to help solve. The real problem is that Unikitty’s rage side grows out of control with anger over the pressure of having to fix people’s problems in ways she does not want to. So she asks Dr. Fox to remove her rage kitty out of her so she can be nice all the time without getting angry. This obviously creates an even bigger problem: as Unikitty stays nice and agreeable, her separated rage kitty grows and grows until it destroy’s the kingdom. She realizes that she cannot remove her rage from herself, that she has to live with it and work with it so she can express how she really feels.

unikitty photo 3

Unikitty expressing Sparkle Matter – my best communication system for feelings these days

When the episode was over, I was a crying mess with the waterworks on full blast.

Earlier that day, I was sitting in therapy talking to my therapist about how I am afraid to have my anger. I’m afraid of being seen as a stereotypical angry Black woman, unsure of how to show my anger since I’ve only known how to deal with it by drinking and breaking things and whats worse is I punish myself for having anger in the first place, particularly when it comes to my divorce. My therapist gave me a puzzled look when she leaned in and asked, “Are you really punishing yourself for being upset about your divorce? A relationship that you were in for almost a decade? Ofcourse you’re sad and ofcourse you have every right to be, feel and express your anger. There must be some logical part of you that knows that going so far as to beat yourself for having those feelings is completely unfair.”

unikitty photo 2

Angry Unkitty – my idol!

And ofcourse, my therapist is right. After spending years as my own personal sadist, I find any reason to beat myself for having feelings that I need to feel. Self-punishment has also functioned as a way to avoid dealing with the feelings all together. If I spend all my energy making myself wrong for even having the feelings in the first place, I will never have the energy to even begin dealing with them. I am finding it even more difficult to face feelings of anger and sadness while I am experiencing so many successes post divorce – starting a business, getting the writing gig of my dreams, receiving a new love in D/s relationship where I am blossoming as a Dominate Mama, beginning a new gender exploration that is redefining my commitment to myself. I am doing so well, it is hard for me to deal with not always feeling so well. In many ways, I’ve learned how to manage sadness but it is anger that I am still really struggling with. Watching Unikitty destroy her own kingdom in rage reminded me of the following: just because I am excelling, doesn’t mean my achievements have completely eradicated my anger.

I am a fire kitty filled with rage constantly blocked as to how to express it.

But Unikitty has taught me something. As I learn how to navigate expressing these feelings, I’ve been communicating how I feel in all forms of sparkle matter. I thank my sweet new boi for this as they are just as big of a fan of Unikitty as I am (in fact, I think of them as my Richard). On the days I find hardest to express how I’m feeling, they ask me “tell me in sparkle matter.” And as I imagine question marks, explanation points, thunder bolts, raindrops, misshapen hearts and memory bubbles flying from my crown, I imagine that one day soon I’ll be able to work with my anger the way Unikitty does.



Black Unicorn 2018 Welcome! – January New Year Readings and Workshops

This budding, Black Unicorn would like2018 super moon to welcome you all into the 2018 new year!

This year was ushered in by a beautiful super moon and as I stood looking into it’s enchanting eye on January 1st, I could already feel the powerful energy of change that was not only coming into my life but into all of yours. As I have seen and experienced with my tarot clients, folks are thinking about their next big moves with their jobs, artistic endeavors, in their love lives and on their own paths of self healing and expansion. I am here as a conduit for the Universe to offer spiritual insight and support as you embark on the achievement of your goals in the New Year.

For the month of January, I’ll be offering New Year Readings! For you, this will look like 90 minute readings with a thirteen card spread – 12 cards representing every month of the year and 1 card representing you. My goal is to aid you in opening your third eye to what this year will reward and challenge you with. This specialty reading will arm you with the necessary tools to successfully live through whatever this year has to offer. New Year Reading cost $80 and as always, I am offering my regular half hour/hour readings for my usual price (visit my Black Unicorn Tarot page for more details).


My personal New Year spread using Cristy Road’s Next World Tarot Deck – an amazing, revolutionary set of POC/Queer and gender nonconforming cards! 

In addition to New Year readings, I will be teaching two Queer Sex Magic 101 workshops in Brooklyn and Manhattan. This workshop differs slightly from my Sex Magic 101 workshop, as it focus specifically on sex shared between Queer, Trans, genderqueer and non-conforming bodies and teaches participants how to bring magic into their alternative sex lives. This workshop also touches on kink and polyamorous sex practices as well as how queers can use magic sexual healing to deal with trauma on the body.

THIS FRIDAY, my first Queer Sex Magic workshop will be held at the New Women Space in Brooklyn, NY – a community-led event space created and operated by self identified women, femme, queer, transgender and gender nonconforming individuals. The workshop will be from 7-9pm. Tickets are $15-20 sliding sale and can be purchased on the New Women Space event page or visit the event Facebook Page.

NWP Queer Sex Magic

On Friday, January 19th, I’ll be teaching the workshop again at The Bureau of General Services – Queer Division (BGSQD) at The Center in Manhattan from 7-9pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased on their website here:

If you are interested in either a New Year or regular tarot reading, I’ll be taking appointments after each workshop.


Last year was full of many challenges and triumphs for me, the biggest being beginning the process of my divorce. I am delighted to share that I recently published an article with GO Magazine on surviving queer divorce where I share my story and offer advice to other LGBTQ divorcees. Click the link below to read the article:

This year marks the start of new opportunities for writing, Black Unicorn Tarot and for ongoing personal growth. I will have many publication, event and business updates coming to you throughout the year so stay tuned.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Tales from a Teaching Witch: Black Unicorn Tarot Workshops

sex magic 101

Sex Magic 101 Workshop at Catland Books

In the past few months, life as a tarot reader, community witch and magic teacher has been so amazing to me. I’ve had the opportunity to read countless tarot spreads through my business Black Unicorn Tarot, in shop at Catland Books in Brooklyn, NY and at several events including retreats, festivals, conferences and restaurants. There is no way to describe what is it like to sit across from a client whose ears are tuned to listening to what the universe has been calling forth from them. It is an honor to step into my gift to communicate that message so people can move forward with their lives and do their work.

One of my favorite additions to reading tarot through the business is unveiling a new line of workshops on sex, magic and self love. Last week, I thought a Sex Magic 101 workshop at Catland Books where I demonstrated to a standing room only audience that sex is a sacred act that can incorporate magic for a greater understanding of our bodies and each other. I believe sex can be used as a healing tool but it is so often used as a tool for destruction that we forget how the act of sharing ourselves can enlighten us.

Here are just a few of the things I touch on in this workshop:

  • Building a sex ritual alter with divination tools (such as candles, herbs and stones)
  • Mindful masterbation
  • Creating spells and intentions before sex
  • Using magic to create safe space for a body that has experienced sexual trauma
  • Sustaining on going aftercare following sex sessions through spiritual means 

This upcoming year I am hoping to add two new workshops: Queer Magic 101 and Kink & Spirituality. I am also looking forward to designing workshops to the specific needs of my clients and my community so please do not hesitate to reach out to me if there is a workshop that you would like to see from me in the future.

If you are interested in bringing a Black Unicorn Tarot workshop to your event, shop or to an intimate group/party, please email me at 

The Universe is a Badass Bitch I am Willing to Follow


Not only is she bitchin, she is breathtaking. 

The universe is fascinating and terrifying in the ways that she delivers her gifts. When we receive what we asked of her, we often realize we had no idea of the responsibility we have to fulfill the awarded path. When we don’t receive what we asked for, we loss trust that the universe can give us what we want. But whether we like it or not, she is always offering us what we need.

When I called for the universe to give me a safe home and received it, I felt a shower of blessings. I had exactly what I wanted but was still unaware of just how much I needed it. I needed the momentous change so I could grow up and begin relying on myself. I discovered something even harder leaving my ex, paying rent, finding a job and filing for divorce: that under the gift I was given lied the incredibly hard work of being responsible to myself.

The universe has no time for me to be a control freak. It has always been my attempt to manipulate the results and know the outcome so I encounter no surprises. This is not how life works. I’ve had to learn to hold everything in my hands and permit it to move at its own delicate motion. 

Here’s a concrete example:

When I first moved, I hadn’t worked in two years and knew if I was going to survive I would need to find a job immediately. So I went back to my old nonprofit gig, one that I absolutely hated for reasons I don’t even want to get into in this short post. Three months in, I was already declaring “fuck it” and ready to leave without a new paycheck opportunity presenting itself. When I talked to my great-godmother, my Santeria guide who channels the Orisha, I was told I don’t have blessings to leave.

I actually wanted to blame the spirits who I have learned to trust with my life for allowing me to be miserable.

Then I started my tarot business and was hired to read cards at Catland Books. This meant that I had to stop working at my job one day a week to work the store. I quickly realized what the universe was doing. She was pushing me very slowly into self employment without putting me in direr financially strain.

As I build my own freelance writing and tarot work, the hours at my job are shrinking. Instead of performing poorly and showing up late to work everyday out of spite, I absorbed the message and remembered the comfort of my paycheck. As much as I want to walk out, I’m not ready. Something in me has shifted from resistance to tolerance that I know I simply have to show up for. The place may still be a shit show but after three days of work, I know I can fully focus on my spiritual calling. This makes it much easier to show up to an office to do my job and remember it won’t be forever.

The universe never needs us to understand what she is giving us. She calls us into acceptance that she is watching over us everyday and that some pain and discomfort is actually an experience we have to embrace to learn and grow. This may sound super airy fairy but real mama talk, shit happens that we can’t predict and we don’t have any choice but to go with it. I’d like to consider that we even have the capacity to keep on keeping on knowing something greater then ourselves is guiding us if you choose to acknowledge it.

It is no coincidence that she is bringing me clients who mirror my life precisely. The readings, the cards, what I see and hear is all about and for my clients. But I gain a better understanding of my ability, I strengthen my connection with my spirits and I offer myself open eyes to the way I am walking in this life when I guide my clients to see what  they had not once considered.

Right now in this moment, I have exactly what I need.

If I had not jumped into this huge life change and embraced what a needed, I would have never discovered who I am truly becoming. A handsome/beautiful genderqueer embracing new pronouns (they/them/their). A conveyer of light with the ability to offer it to others. A Black female bodied entrepreneur. A two years and four month sober individual who no longer chooses to slowly disappear. A person willing and able to adult everyday. A fierce woman who welcomed new love into their life when they were seconds away from giving up on it. A warrior on a journey to self love and self care. A spiritual energy submitting to an ability to embrace my gifts and offer them to the people who are calling for it.

I am resilient as fuck.

My mother told me that when I was 6 weeks old, she left me to go back to work and I never cried. I never cried when I went to sleep away camp or went on trips with a friend or spent long weekends with my dad. She asserts that I have always been strong and ready to step into whole new worlds without fear. If I ever had fear, I just entered an unfamiliar place afraid.

I am here and I crack myself open everyday to allow myself to be lead by what the universe has to offer.

An Offering of Light in the Cards


A past, present, future and earthly influence reading with a New Orleans Vodoo tarot deck

I was given my first tarot deck in college, a tradition set of cards with 22 major arcana card and four suits – wands, cups, pentacles, swords. This deck was used for my first reading. I was a confused, uncertain third year student looking for some sort of answer to where I was and where I was going. The reader was a Queer person of color which made me feel safe and comfortable. They welcomed me into their college apartment and set up a space for me to receive what the reading had to reveal. They decided on a past, present and future spread.

Here were the results – Past: The Star, Present: The Tower, Future: The High Priestess

This reading has more significant meaning to me now then it did back then. At the time, I was in the center of The Tower surrounded my own chaos of depression and drug use. In the past, I had been The Star, an innocent, celestial child with hope that college would offer me a new life. I didn’t know then that in the future I would begin to understand that I walk in the deep, spiritual presence of the High Priestess as someone who conjures healing for themselves and for others.

Soon after I received my first deck, I started reading my own cards and in the last few years, I’ve been reading others. When people come to me for a reading, they either have a question, want help with the answer to a problem or just bring themselves and see what the cards have to tell them. I select simple spreads for those new to readings and more complicated ones for those with more experience with readings, especially for folks who have had readings from me before. I also pick the spread based on what the person is coming to me for.

When I do a reading, I go on my instinct and allow the images of the cards to show me what the universe is trying to communicate to the person I am reading. I own a few decks – a voodoo deck, a Hello Kitty Deck, a Santeria deck – and pick out the deck I feel is best for the reading. Some readings are simply me tell the reader what I see. Others are conversations where the reader gives me information to create a larger narrative.

I love this work. I love helping someone see a situation differently so they can begin their own healing. I love to assist in creating a bridge between where they are and where they aspire to be. I love sharing the skill of reading tarot with my friends and loved ones and now I am ready to offer my readers to the community.

Here are my prices:

Half hour readings: $37      

Full hour reading: $50

Any additional card: $6

Healing Crystals: $3

Parties: $27 per person for a maximum of 10 people

Workshops on tarot readings, crystals and spirituality: $250 for 90 minutes

For those in crisis without funds, pay with white flowers and one white votive candle. 

I ask for payment via cash, venmo or paypal prior to you reading. Readings can take place at your residence, depending on the cost of transportation, or in my home in Brooklyn. I also offer readings over the phone.    

Tips gladly accepted! 

I’ll be giving scheduling priority to people of color, Queer identified folk, gender non-conforming and Trans folk.  

If you would like to schedule a reading or want more information email me at with the subject “Tarot Reading.” You can also find and message me on Facebook or follow my Instagram @blackunicornrise. 



My reading from Ashley was everything I didn’t know I needed. During my half hour reading, Ashley struck a perfect balance between showing kindness and compassion while also being honest and straight forward. They did not just parrot back what I wanted to hear but instead gave me insight into how to tackle the obstacles I am currently facing. There was palpable connection and insight. Since my reading, I have begun soul searching in a way I have been wanting to do for years. Ashley’s reading showed me where to start. I don’t know what Ashley is charging for readings now but whatever the cost, it’s a bargain because they the real deal.


Ashley has been such a wonderful help to me, when it comes to accessing spiritual guidance. Their tarot readings have always offered me much needed insight into  many situations in my life and spiritual journey. They have such a strong interpretation of the cards and their meaning, and have always been so loving and comforting in how they deliver the cards’ messages. They also were able to contact my grandmother for me, who is someone who continues to be a very important person in my life, despite her passing. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced, to be able to hear Ashley describe my grandmother’s spirit and the light in which she was surrounded.

– Karuna

I was struggling with a serious romantic fork in the road. Ashley was awesome enough to offer me a reading to give me some clarity. And along with their interpretation and advice, it really helped to bring the situation into perspective, and I realized what it was I was actually looking for. They ended up helping me to choose the path, and person, that was right for me

– Casidi

This is more than a reading.
It’s a conversation with a interpreter of the cards and a seer of the spirits. This was very different from previous readings I received. There was no timer and I wasn’t sitting in silence for someone to talk at me. With every card they pulled I was given a thorough explanation and I was given a moment to reflect on how the cards reflected my life and were related to my journey. They listened to me with a respect for my journey and their full undivided attention and made me feel safe to talk about my life and the concerns I had. Every word I told them allowed for a clearer interpretation of the cards and their meaning to my life. I was also told everything I needed to know and nothing I couldn’t handle, which was really nice. They were also as clear as they possibly could be, there were no vague riddles to solve, simply the answer to my question. As someone who has been duped before by fakes in the past, it is a truly healing experience to be in the presence of a reader, interpreter, and spiritous who is not only serious but responsible about this craft and called to this work. I recommend Ashley to anyone who is in need of a reading or spiritual work and who is willing to do the work that the universe asks of them.

– Dani